Charter Campuses in Texas

Map Instructions

Use the play, forward, and backward buttons below to animate the map through time. The size of the point indicates the number of students enrolled that year. Click any point on the map to learn more about a campus. Click 'Show history chart' on the bottom of the map to see trends over time in a school district or charter holder. Within the chart, use the Left and Right drop-down menus to change the data shown on the left and right Y axes.

Percentage of Economically Disadvantaged Students



Use the drop-down menu below or type a school district name to zoom to a district of your choice. Choose the top entry to return to the full extent of the state.

Use the drop-down menu below or type a charter holder name to see just that holder's campuses. Choose the top entry to show all charter campuses again.

Data: Raise Your Hand Texas
Map produced by CoreGIS.

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