Alternative Voting Systems

A Spreadsheet-driven Web Map

produced for the Sightline Institute

Presented by Matt Stevenson and Eldan Goldenberg
February 15, 2017

What is the Sightline Institute?

The Sightline Institute is an independent, non-profit think tank based in Seattle. They focus on sustainability solutions for all communities, and champion public policies that tackle issues of racial and economic inequality.

Why Map Alternative Voting Systems?

This past US election displayed the perils of plurality voting. Sightline believes Cascadia can lead the way and spur a national transition to voting systems that engage more people, better reflect the American electorate, and guarantee democratic results. They wanted to explore how other communities are using novel approaches to voting.

Map Requirements

  • Dynamically updating map
  • Data stored in a Google sheet
  • Clearly distinguish 14 categories of data
  • Pop-ups containing images, videos, text, links
  • Branded to match Sightline's website

Seeking Help

GUS (Sam) to the Rescue!

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GUS Map Output

GUS Popup

Seeking Help Again

Mmm, delicious JSON

Doing things twice

"points" will include everything,
we'll get to why later.

The named featureGroups get filtered by type,
letting us give each its own marker.

I told you, we're doing things twice

Building the map

The "points" featureGroup is never displayed.

14 Classes of Data?

  • Ranked Choice
  • Cumulative Choice
  • Limited Choice

x current

x inactive

x Statewide

x School District

Maki Magic

Use CSS to Match Look of Sightline Website

Let's take a look at the map!

Other Applications

Generalized version?

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